Design Services


We offer a complete line of facility design services. These design services include process layout and product flow as well as building construction specifications. We can also specify and layout facility support systems such as electrical power distribution, compressed air, ventilation, steam supply systems and dust collection. Mold/die repair and handling systems can also be incorporated into the complete facility design.


We are a full service product design firm specializing in the design of plastic products. Our engineers can work either with the molder or the products end user to develop a complete product concept. Multiple component products can include bonding and hardware specifications as well as prime or finish painting specifications. We can take your product from concept to a molded part as a turn key package. With the experience of our engineering staff we can insure manufacturability of the finished product.


We offer a full line of mold design services for the thermoset industry. Using the experience gained from our process improvement services as well as utilizing our many years experience allows us to design molds that contain the very latest in compression molding technology. Our designs feature heavy duty heal blocks, combination standard ejection and air poppet ejection. Heating/cooling circuits are designed to optimize heat transfer to the mold surface and ported to allow adjustable heal blocks. Advanced features such as vacuum, cure sensing and in-mold thermocouples is always an option depending on the application. Cores and in-mold cams as used where required dependent on the part configured. In short, we can design the mold for your product.


We can specify and design complete SMC/BMC batch systems or design modifications to existing compounding operations. We can also provide full system layout and facility design to house the compounding operation. If you need to purchase material from an existing supplier, we can assist in the selection of the proper compound and help select a material supplier. We also have access on a regular basis to used compounding equipment that can be used to upgrade your existing system.


With our full service design capability, we can assist you in a complete paint system or the modification of your existing painting operation. From a small component powder coating system to a fully automated automotive style system, we are your paint system source. Our systems are designed to operate at a higher level of control than most systems. We focus on the areas that are critical for a successful painting operation. Air balance, power washer efficiency, system filtration and the ability to clean the system are always kept at the forefront of any system design. Need to upgrade your existing system, our experienced engineering staff can perform a system evaluation and design modifications to bring the system capability up to acceptable levels. If your system is capable but first time yields are not acceptable, our paint yield improvement programs can locate the root cause of rejects and correct the problem.


We supply automatic press loading and unloading systems designed to remove labor from the molding or forming operation. We also supply automatic material slitters with incorporated scale tables to automate the charge preparation. Our secondary operation designs include drilling, routing and bonding operations to provide a complete finished product. These systems can be designed with automatic handling in a complete cell or hand load for lower volume manufacturing. Each work cell features long proven hardware and part nesting techniques for a repeatable finished product. We also design universal machining centers that provide a flexible work cell using water jet technology or multiple head tool changing systems for routing and drilling operations. From a simple deflash table to a complete product assembly line, we can meet your material handling and secondary operation needs.